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ELC Leadership Pipeline presentation

"Effective Functional Leadership in IT Initiatives"

Excerpted from April 23 ELC Seminar:
Strengthening the Pipeline “Effective Functional Leadership in IT Initiatives.”

Alana Robinson, Managing Principal, Robinson Group Consulting

Andrew Carnegie once said, “Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.”

When it comes to IT investment and its strategic, yet risky role in today’s business environment, most Boards and Senior Executive Management would probably prefer to replace the word “Effective” in this quote with the word “Profitable.” Board members are surely expecting value for the investors, value for your customers and clearly value for the employees that use the technologies selected.

Today as we seek the means to achieve effective, and more importantly profitable Information Technology initiatives, defining the roles of leadership and management is imperative. Any successful IT strategy, whether it includes a technology upgrade or a new implementation, especially an ERP installation, must be championed by strong business leadership and closely managed through post go-live.

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