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Operational Efficiency Identification and Development

Finding the financial resources to support change and accurately identifying potential operational efficiencies are critical to the success of your initiative. Tales abound of overstated operational savings, and costs run amok, that have torpedoed otherwise potentially successful IT advancements. Our team’s extensive hands-on experience with such challenges enables us to help you better manage your financial assets to support the initiative, identify realistic operational efficiencies and control the process to mitigate risk.

Strategy Analysis

Whether implementing a new IT system or upgrading an existing one, company leadership must deliver a strategy that includes the role of the new system and why it must be implemented along with its quantitative and qualitative benefits. Our strategic analysis services assure that every element of the organizational process is integrated into your technology initiative. We balance the business side with the IT side of your business, considering the many potential strategic advantages of the initiative:

  • Provides strategic data-driven insights into enterprise-wide operations
  • Delivers a scalable platform that enables longer-term operational enhancements
  • Simplifies the process for delivering new capabilities on an on-going basis
  • Facilitates more profitability-focused management of customer relationships
  • Builds organizational confidence in large-scale execution efforts

We take into consideration your business intent, operating strategies and economic models in addition to evaluating your IT organization, financial discipline, technical infrastructure, data warehousing and productivity to assure success of the initiative. From this analysis, we deliver an RGC Value Delivery Blueprint developed to prioritize opportunities and serve as the cornerstone of the overall IT strategy.

Institutional Effectiveness Assessment

The purpose of the institutional assessment is to develop an integrated view of all strategic sources and uses of funds and resources at the college/university and to identify opportunities for institutional process improvement, contract consolidation/renegotiation, cost reductions, enhanced vendor partnerships, visibility of spend and metrics for long-term financial stability and operational efficiency.

Due Diligence Assessment

Every due diligence should start with a mission to verify that the goals and assumptions of the acquiring company match the acquired company. The objective is not to find reasons to abort the acquisition but to determine the issues and implications that exist when the investment/purchase is made. There are exceptions, of course, where walking away is the right answer. In addition to understanding the new company’s technology, due diligence also creates the framework by which to develop transition plans. It is helpful to break these plans into several parts with focus on the people side and the systems side. While each side affectsthe other, each one requires a specific plan as you move from the discovery to merger/acquisition level.

Business Case Analysis, Verification and Measurement

Organizations that successfully manage technological change balance the realities of supporting the new endeavor with credible cost-cutting process improvements while designing the new system so it can create new solutions for future sources of revenue. RGC can validate the evidence of qualitative and quantitative value and continuously monitor spending versus milestones achieved to realize the expected return. We help our clients monitor benefit opportunity and total investment to reflect changes in the business, scope changes and implementation strategy changes. Throughout this process, RGC also assists leadership in continuously driving ownership at all levels of the organization to maintain progress within budget.

Staffing Services for IT and Financial Support

To facilitate on schedule, on budget execution of your IT strategy, RGC offers organizational and skilled staffing solutions for IT and Financial support management. We can review your IT organization and recommend a target functional organization and target organizational structure to assure optimal outcomes. Our network of staffing partners enables us to customize the right team of people to fulfill your specific needs. And because our management team has extensive staff management experience, you can be sure only the highest quality professionals will work toward successful implementation of your initiative.