Markets Served

CIO Services

The challenge: turn around your organization’s technology platform for optimal cost-efficiencies, productivity and revenue-generating potential. In the shortest time possible. Whether you are a newly-ordained CIO, or a current CIO under new leadership or simply a CIO with a new directive, the challenge is daunting. How will you manage a diverse management team, with even more diverse line management, a culture that resists change and technologically disparate operations? At RGC, we offer CIO mentoring services that will help you navigate the intricacies of taking on new IT initiatives – from building and verifying the business case through developing and maintaining post-implementation processes.

RGC can also fulfill your CIO function on an interim basis with seasoned executives who can ensure that your strategic initiatives continue to make progress while we assist you in your search for a new IT leader. RGC rapidly integrates with your executive team to build a partnership between IT and the business and improve IT performance. We understand the relationship between your business goals and the technology solutions that enable them and can assess the current state of the organization and develop a plan to achieve the desired state.

CFO Services

With years of hands-on experience in the financial management roles, RGC can perform your CFO function on an interim basis. We can perform all of the traditional duties of a CFO in this role utilizing our years of experience across a diverse number of industries. RGC will also plan for the transition to new permanent staffing.

Whether you are a CFO trying to finance an IT initiative, or simply trying to optimize efficiencies in your Finance Department, we can offer you CFO services that will assist in finding cost-efficiencies throughout your Finance processes. We can work directly with your department to implement best practice improvements in operations, IT, vendor management and other critical areas. For CFOs in higher education, we can even assist with grant accounting and strengthening the fiscal picture to foster incoming revenue through grant and state funding. Or, if you prefer, we can act as a CFO mentor, providing discreet direction on an as-needed basis.

Supply Chain

Speed to market, productivity improvements, cost efficiencies, competitive advantage – whatever your supply chain challenge may be, you must leverage technology and financial process solutions that best suit your organization’s culture, structure, processes and ever-changing needs. Because we have walked in your shoes, managing complexity and continuously growing and shifting demands, we can help you identify the best technologies and best practices that will deliver optimal return on your IT investment in people, time and technology while enabling a flexible, scalable platform that is ready to change and grow with your business.

Higher Education

What is your IT challenge? Is it security and identity management, funding IT, or implementing an ERP package, web portal or course management system? For most institutions, the answer is likely “All of the above.” As in any organization, operational and fiscal management are inexorably linked in the higher education market. Leaders and managers who work in the higher education IT environment face challenges common to all university leaders: rapidly changing technology, shrinking budgets, policy and legislative changes, globalization, private sector competition, a changing student population, and much more. To fulfill their fiduciary duty, the Finance organization must adopt a budget management system with established budget standards and monitoring of budget and expense performance. Equally important to controlling cost is consolidation of Finance operations and aligning vendor contracts with state regulatory requirements. At RGC, we focus on the total Finance and Operational structure to help establish institutional leadership and find methods of controlling cost while facing challenges across the enterprise.


N-TEN Member

Not-for-profit organizations often have unique considerations as they weigh the potential benefits of technology change. Funding limitations, highly diverse centers of operation and varied structure, and organizational culture issues are just of the few special challenges that arise as not-for-profit groups try to improve productivity and get more out of their charitable dollars and optimal return for their beneficiaries. We work hand-in-hand with our not-for-profit client leadership to understand these issues as we verify the business case, implement standardized best practices and communication strategies to assure improved productivity and transparency. As an active member of N-Ten, Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network, we keep abreast of current technology and best practices that will help our nonprofit clients use technology to improve people’s lives.

Financial Services

The two-sided challenge of building revenue-generating strategies while reducing cost takes many forms for banking and financial institutions. The cost-efficiency play can take the form of off-shoring to instituting standards and systems to assure compliance and improved corporate governance related to the flood of regulatory changes including Basel II, International Financial Reporting Standards, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and anti-money laundering legislation. The right technology and financial strategies can not only realize cost-efficiencies and assure standards adherence through best practices, but can increase share of wallet by enabling more targeted relationship management and high-quality service.